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I am a licensed mental health counselor, a certified coach, and a school counselor. My professional and personal goal is to support you along this journey called parenthood. It may not be pretty but we are in this together!

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The Only Parenting Book that You Don’t Have to Read Cover-To-Cover!

This is your perfect “Quick Reference Guide” to most of the Positive Parenting Techniques I have developed over the past twenty years. Each chapters addresses a specific childhood behavior – and effective, easy-to-use methods on how to properly respond. Over 477 pages of effective techniques you can use every day. This stuff really works!

Paperback Edition: $19.95

Emotional regulation is not something we are born with – it is learned.!

What is Emotional Regulation? It is how we handle stress and emotions in a way that keeps us thinking logically and feeling calm. This is a must have life skill for parents to teach their kids! You are about to discover how to improve your emotional regulation skills and the best ways to teach your children to find calmness in the midst of life’s ups & downs!

Kindle Edition: $8.97     Paperback Edition: $12.97

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The Counselor’s Corner is your portal to Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching. 
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  • Video Counseling – Face-to-face professional counselling or coaching can reach you anywhere you choose! 

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Heather, USA

Thank you! Your ideas make perfect sense. I started to see a change in my son after just one conversation!

Heather, USA


“The Building Blocks of Positive Parenting” is easy to read and the strategies are practical in improving behaviors.”

Howard, USA

Thank you for helping my daughter make better choices.

Parenting Group

I am so glad I found this group! You probably hear that from every new member but this is honest just where I need to be. I have saved numerous videos to watch after my son goes to bed. The few discussions I’ve seen so far have really captured by attention. I think this will be a very helpful environment for me. Thanks you for letting me join you.

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