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imagePositivity, consistency, and support. Hang around and you’ll be hearing a whole lot about these three words! Why? What’s so important about these three words?

Take a look…

Being a parent who is positive, consistent, and supportive is bound to succeed in raising their children. These traits are really the greatest gift you can give to your children.

Check out what can happen:

• Children quickly learn how to behave.

• Children learn how to live up to your expectations.

• Children have a confidence in knowing where the boundaries lie.

• Children have a greater chance of turning Continue reading “The Parent’s Blog” »

Over-Tired Kids: YIKES!

How to Handle Your Overtired School-Aged Child

It’s easy to tell when babies and toddlers are tired. They get fussy, yawn, and rub their eyes a lot. But as your kid gets bigger and goes off to school with her backpack and lunch box every day, it might be less obvious that she’s overtired.

So how do you know if your elementary-age child is overtired and in need of more sleep? For starters, if you have to wake her up every day, then she needs more sleep, plain and simple.

Another way to tell is if she starts reverting back Continue reading “Over-Tired Kids: YIKES!” »

Importance of Sleep

Why Sleep is so Important for Your School-Aged Child

Sleep is something most parents wish they got enough of. But what about our kids? Are they sleeping enough? Chances are that they aren’t. Most kids go to bed much later than they should and wake up too early to get enough sound sleep. That results in sleep deprivation, and as parents we all know what that feels like.

But it’s more than just being tired. Sleep deprivation, particularly in young and developing minds, has serious ramifications. It’s important your child get enough sleep every night. Here’s why.

  1. It helps your Continue reading “Importance of Sleep” »

Even a Child Knows…

The most incredible and insightful thought came from my 6 year old tonight. One of the best places to have off-the-cuff conversations with your kids is during bedtime. This time is beat only by car rides. There is something magical about car rides. Kids tend to blurt out their thoughts and that is when the real conversations happen.

Talk about bonding! Yes. Car rides and bedtimes are where its at!

So… as our bedtime routine was taking its normal course of reading and playing a game; my 6 year old asked about death. His thoughts were causing him to think Continue reading “Even a Child Knows…” »

Become Part of Our Group!

Become Part of Our Group!

Raising kids is a super hard part of life, but it can also be the most rewarding part!

When our children don’t listen, throw tantrums, or act out, its nice to know what to do AND have support while doing it!

Join our closed Facebook group, Behavior Corner: Behavior Planning that WORKS so that you won’t miss out on these valuable tools that WORK:

What is a Behavior Trigger and Why is it Important?

What is a Behavior Trigger?

A trigger is a thought or a situation that leads to undesirable behavior choices. Most commonly, we find that triggers are caused by something in the surrounding environment or by another person’s actions. When we can figure out what thoughts and/or situations trigger our children to misbehave, we can look to find a solution!

Looking for the Reason…


In order to find out the reason for a negative behavior response (the trigger), the very first thing we have to be willing to do is to communicate with our kids. No worries if they don’t Continue reading “What is a Behavior Trigger and Why is it Important?” »

7 Simple Ways to Show Your Kids How Much You Love Them

Love is the MOST important part of raising kids. Showing our kids how much we love them has endless positive results. Our kids are much more likely to thrive at home and in school, show respect, and are eager to learn from us when raised with unconditional love.

Show them how much you love them by trying these 7 simple ideas:

1. Thoughts Journal

Buy a special notebook that your child picks out or have them decorate one.  Every day, talk with them about their favorite time(s) of the day and write them down. Have a notebook dated for a Continue reading “7 Simple Ways to Show Your Kids How Much You Love Them” »

Response Infographic

How to Respond to an Emotional Child

Children of all ages experience a range of feelings just as adults do. However, they need us to teach and show them how to express themselves appropriately. There are a whole bunch of possible interventions to meet a child’s needs when struggling with feelings and behavior choices.

Here are a few that were mentioned during our Facebook group event:

Grounding Technique To The Rescue!

What is the Grounding Technique?

For many parents (myself included) when we hear the phrase, “Try grounding with your kids when they start to act out.” we immediately think of sending them to their room and removing privileges.

On one hand, we are right – that is what is typically meant by grounding our kids.

However, I have super cool news to share:

Grounding doesn’t have to be a negative consequence or punishment. Grounding can actually be something that helps your child learn how to cope with intense feelings.

It helps to calm kids and bring them back to a Continue reading “Grounding Technique To The Rescue!” »

Consistency is Everything!

No one thought about parenting this way before their kids were born.

I don’t think many of us thought it would be so hard.

It’s human nature to want to take the easy way out…sometimes.

We all know that parenting is hard. When you use positive discipline and raise your kids the right way, it will be work – no doubt!

To be honest, sometimes I take the easy way out and then I have to work hard to get my kids’ behavior back on track. Some days, it seems near impossible, but because I love my kids more than Continue reading “Consistency is Everything!” »

Coping Toolbox

Jen thought it couldn’t be done. She thought her daughter was destined to always have conflict with others because she couldn’t control her emotions. And at home? Wow, it was even worse.

When things didn’t go her way, watch out!

There was yelling, screaming, refusal, and even some hitting. Jen stuck in there and tried lots of things. She truly wants what is best for her daughter and she so desperately wanted to help her daughter have a happy life.IMG_0527.JPG

She also knew that she had to get on top of this now! Learning new ways of coping becomes harder Continue reading “Coping Toolbox” »