Parent Conferences: tips for parents

Preparing for the Parent-Teacher Conference At least once per year, you will be contacted by your child’s school inviting you in for a parent-teacher conference. For many, this is an exciting time to get an update on how your child is progressing in school. For many others, this could be […] Read more »

How Play and Diet Impacts Your Child’s Behavior

To play is to learn in a child’s world. For healthy development, a child must be given an enormous amount of time to play each and every day. In our world of high achievers, childhood play unfortunately tends to fall by the wayside. It comes in as distant 2nd to […] Read more »

Not Listening

For good reason, we as parents are warned about the teenage years. For the purposes of this article, I’m putting you all on alert to the teenage years AND to the toddler years (for my boys it was age three)! All the ages in between apply too, but the teen […] Read more »

1, 2, 3 Strikes Plan

No, we aren’t talking about baseball. Although, baseball is a helpful reference here when speaking to your kids about their strikes. The 1, 2, 3 strikes policy that we use in our home helps us all to remain accountable for our actions and teaches our kids the benefits of being […] Read more »

Troubles with Toilet Training

You’ve tried it all! You have the fancy shmancy potty that sings to your child when they go, you’ve tried sticker charts, you’ve read books,  sang songs, you have the doll the poops and pees, you’ve provided positive reinforcement up the wazuu, you have the Spiderman/Princess Sophia undies that your […] Read more »

Anxiety in Children

Experiencing anxiety during life is normal and sometimes beneficial to your child in order to help them make positive choices and stay safe. It is when worry or anxiety begins to create suffering for your children during more days than not that it needs to be addressed. Anxiety can effect […] Read more »

Cut the Apron Strings

 Letting Go When our children are born, we immediately and instinctively protect them. It is our job to do anything in our power to keep them safe and guard them from the world and the dangers it holds. But eventually, each of our children must be ready to face the […] Read more »

Pay Now or Pay Later

When Will You Pay? Pay now or pay later – Its your choice! Life is full of choices and If you choose to follow my advice, you will “pay now” as you parent your children. And despite how it sounds, be happy if your “paying” happens sooner than later! Make […] Read more »


  By now, if you’ve been following my blog posts for any length of time, you are well aware that I specialize in working with ittybitty children. Often. I get referrals something along the lines of this…. “Little Johnny”– 3 years old, hyperactive, impulsive, problems with peers in daycare setting, very aggressive, won’t listen to adults, (mom, […] Read more »

Sanity: Take My Kids for Just 10 Minutes

The other day a parent said to me, “Sometimes I wish for someone to take my kids for just 10 minutes”. She went on to talk about many of the unhealthy ways she has been attempting to find sanity in her busy life. Clearly she needed to vent; and maybe she […] Read more »