What is a Behavior Trigger and Why is it Important?

What is a Behavior Trigger? A trigger is a thought or a situation that leads to undesirable behavior choices. Most commonly, we find that triggers are caused by something in the surrounding environment or by another person’s actions. When we can figure out what thoughts and/or situations trigger our children […] Read more »

Grounding Technique To The Rescue!

What is the Grounding Technique? For many parents (myself included) when we hear the phrase, “Try grounding with your kids when they start to act out.” we immediately think of sending them to their room and removing privileges. On one hand, we are right – that is what is typically […] Read more »

Coping Toolbox

Jen thought it couldn’t be done. She thought her daughter was destined to always have conflict with others because she couldn’t control her emotions. And at home? Wow, it was even worse. When things didn’t go her way, watch out! There was yelling, screaming, refusal, and even some hitting. Jen […] Read more »

How to Use Consequences

“She doesn’t care!” That was the main problem presented to me by one of my clients. We’ll call her Jane. “When I speak, she doesn’t care. It’s like talking to a wall unless I’m up close and yelling. That’s when she finally does what I ask her to do”, Jane […] Read more »

Communication Fun! Come Play…

Argh….it can be frustrating and heart-wrenching at all the same time when kids are defiant. We love them so much and want the best for them. “Why won’t they just calm down and listen to me??” I write those words from first hand experiences with my own kids along with […] Read more »

Teaching Our Kids to Regulate

If you’ve been following our series on emotional regulation, it will come as no surprise that this post is focused on how to support children in using strategies to regulate their own emotions. This takes time, practice, and patience; yet it is critical for us as parents to begin instilling […] Read more »

How to Stay Calm

Recently I shared an article titled “Emotional Regulation” where we scratched the surface on what it means to be able to regulate our emotions. More importantly, we took some time to consider how our choices directly relate to consequences for not only ourselves but for our children as well. As […] Read more »

Emotional Regulation

What exactly is emotional regulation? Simply stated, it is when one is able to regulate or stabilize their emotions. In other words: to remain calm enough to make positive choices. As adults we have to regulate automatically throughout the day. Some days are harder to regulate than others but it […] Read more »

How Play and Diet Impacts Your Child’s Behavior

To play is to learn in a child’s world. For healthy development, a child must be given an enormous amount of time to play each and every day. In our world of high achievers, childhood play unfortunately tends to fall by the wayside. It comes in as distant 2nd to […] Read more »

Not Listening

For good reason, we as parents are warned about the teenage years. For the purposes of this article, I’m putting you all on alert to the teenage years AND to the toddler years (for my boys it was age three)! All the ages in between apply too, but the teen […] Read more »