1, 2, 3 Strikes Plan

No, we aren’t talking about baseball. Although, baseball is a helpful reference here when speaking to your kids about their strikes. The 1, 2, 3 strikes policy that we use in our home helps us all to remain accountable for our actions and teaches our kids the benefits of being […] Read more »

Defiant Kids

Just about everyone who has kids or who comes into contact with kids could tell a story or two about defiance. Sometimes these stories make us laugh, sometimes they make us angry; but mostly I see adults becoming frustrated when a child is being defiant. I can’t say that I […] Read more »

Pay Now or Pay Later

When Will You Pay? Pay now or pay later – Its your choice! Life is full of choices and If you choose to follow my advice, you will “pay now” as you parent your children. And despite how it sounds, be happy if your “paying” happens sooner than later! Make […] Read more »

Hitting the RESET button!

I had a trillion and one things I wanted to get done before we had people over to our house for our summer kickoff party. Of course, this was when my 4 year old wanted a snack, wanted to play, wanted  her squeeze yogurt opened, etc. etc. and to top it all […] Read more »


Technically speaking tantrums are dealt with the moment a baby is born. We don’t think of it that way because  they don’t have any other way of telling us what’s wrong other than crying for hours, but that’s what it is. When they start with their vocabulary, that’s when we start […] Read more »

Consistency can change misbehavior

Getting Kids to Listen! “Listen to me” “…right now!” “I’ve already told you three times….” I bet that if you are reading this as a parent, you have said one or all of these phrases more than once in your children’s lifetime. Getting children to do as they are told […] Read more »

Missing Sleep or Misbehaving?

Missing Sleep or Misbehaving: Which One is it? Far too often, the importance of a good night’s sleep is overlooked in preschool aged children when behaviors are involved.  Did you know that 11-13 hours of sleep are recommended each night for children between the ages of 3-5?  It can be […] Read more »

Time-Out Troubles?

Time-Out Troubles?  How many times have you tried to put your child in time out and found yourself saying “This just doesn’t work for us!!”  I don’t propose that I have a magic plan to make time out work for you and your child, but I do want to bring attention to the uniqueness of each little person and the idea that […] Read more »

Supermarkets and Toddlers

Surviving the Supermarket with your Toddler  As parents, we’ve all been there! Walking through the aisle at the supermarket attempting to simultaneously fill your grocery cart up with everything on your list and keep your toddler entertained and calm…you’ve been doing really well…That is until you reach the checkout lane. That’s when […] Read more »

Spending quality time

What is Quality Time? The phrase “quality time with your kids” is often tossed about but what does it really mean? Quality time does not have to involve huge vacations to Disney World. Quality time can be something as simple as a nice breakfast before work/school.  The key elements of […] Read more »