Talking out

Students Who Talk Out During Class Time… I don’t know about you, but being interrupted while you are talking gets under my skin. It’s almost as bad as when someone lies to me. In either case, it is rude behavior! Call it impulsive. Call it attention seeking. Call it whatever […] Read more »

Communication is a Must

   Communication is Critical  On-going communication with your students and their their parents is key. Phone calls, notes, emails, high-fives, and token rewards are all examples of ways to communicate positive news to students and parents. Note the word, “positive“. We all know that there may be times when communication with […] Read more »

Bonding equals success

Bonding With Your Students is a Must! Year after year, some teachers have very little to no behavior problems within their classroom.  Their classes are full with respectful, diligent workers who follow procedures. What’s up with that? Kids, by nature test boundaries and act out. It seems strange that very […] Read more »

Pre-school class strategies

Setting Up your Preschool Classroom for Success! Do you spend your day teaching colors, numbers, wiping noses, and tying countless shoes? If so, you most likely hold the illustrious title of PRESCHOOL TEACHER! Kudos to you! I truly believe you have one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet! […] Read more »