Teacher Tips: Supporting Families in Times of Stress

If you are a teacher, you have most likely encountered situations where a parent has told you information of a sensitive matter that has left you with uncertainty in how to respond. You may feel uncomfortable, unsure of what to say, and at a loss of how to help! Maybe […] Read more »

Tantrum or Meltdown: Which one is it?

Is there a difference? Well, actually, yes!   It is very important for parents and teachers to understand the differences between tantrums and meltdowns. Although they can consist of similar behaviors  like yelling, crying, hitting, spitting, or biting, it is important to distinguish between the two. Why? Because it will guide how we […] Read more »

Separation Anxiety in Young Children

It’s a feeling I will never forget…leaving my 6 month old at daycare for the first time! I expected that she would have some difficulty with my leaving her ( and vice versa!) but I didn’t anticipate it to go on as long as it did! Three months later and […] Read more »

Sensory Processing Disorders in the Classroom

Sensory Processing Disorders in the Classroom Ask any preschool teacher what one of the most difficult aspects of their job is and 9 out of 10 times they are going to tell you it’s dealing with problem behaviors.  When you have a child in your class with sensory integration challenges […] Read more »

Focusing Young Ones

Hocus Pocus, This is How We Focus!   The setting: Circle time in a 3 year old preschool class. The Teacher claps twice then states in an animated voice: “Hocus pocus,”  Children Respond “…this is how we focus!” I heard this cute little phrase in a preschool classroom one day to […] Read more »

Pre-school class strategies

Setting Up your Preschool Classroom for Success! Do you spend your day teaching colors, numbers, wiping noses, and tying countless shoes? If so, you most likely hold the illustrious title of PRESCHOOL TEACHER! Kudos to you! I truly believe you have one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet! […] Read more »