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Each counseling/coaching package below contains a description of the services available. Upon deciding which one will suit your needs, click on PayPal to process your secure payment. If payment is already current for your counseling/coaching services, simply email admin@behaviorcorner.com to schedule or change your next session.

To renew your current services, please follow the same procedure by clicking PayPal under your preferred package.

Packages available:



Welcome to our most time-flexible counseling/coaching option! On your own time and at your own pace, you will receive professional help in reaching your goals. That is fantastic!

When deciding on a package, please know that the definition of "one email" includes the message sent AND the corresponding reply. In other words, one email from you and one email from me: Barb Roba, LMHC, ED.M, CAS.

Most concerns cannot be resolved in less than 10 emails; yet a small number of emails can still be beneficial for gaining valuable insight and for the personal exploration of choices. That my friend, may be just what you are looking for!

Read more on how our Email packages work.

  • Up to 4 emails $40
  • Up to 8 emails $75
  • Up to 12 emails $110 Burst-(2)
    Email Packages
  • Instant Messaging

    Help has never been easier to access! Professional counseling or coaching comes to you through the ease of Instant Messaging.

    In this age of vast technology you can access counseling or coaching on the go by signing up for an IM package. Sessions will occur in real time via Skype and will provide you with in-depth question and answer opportunities along with support and encouragement with Barb Roba, LMHC, Ed.M, CAS.

    Given your needs, expect sessions to last anywhere between 30-50 minutes in length. Please know that the majority of concerns cannot be resolved with one counseling or coaching session. However, it may be just enough to get you started down the path of greatness and success. I look forward to meeting with you!

    Read more on how our Instant Messaging packages work.

  • 1 session $80
  • 2 sessions $150
  • 3 sessions $210 Burst-(3)
    Instant Messaging Packages
  • Video Conferences

    Face-to-face professional counseling or coaching can reach you anywhere you choose! When you video conference with me, Barb Roba, LMHC, ED.M, CAS, you receive professional guidance that will empower you to find the answers that you are looking for.

    No longer do you need to waste valuable time and money traveling to an office for counseling or coaching. Person-to-person professional help is only a few clicks away.

    Read more on how our Video Conference packages work.

  • 1 session $90
  • 2 sessions $160
  • 3 sessions $235 Burst-(4)
    Video Conference Packages
  • All Inclusive

    Do you want the most affordable counseling/coaching package? Do you want to customize your own services to meet your exact needs? If you answered, "Yes" to these questions, the All Inclusive Package options are what you need.

    All inclusive options allows you to pick from each category by choosing from emails, instant messaging, and video conferencing. Based on your needs, having this type of flexibility promotes hope and change more rapidly. You get to choose, you get what you want, you get to see change. Perfect!

    Read more on how our All Inclusive packages work.

  • 3 services $190
  • 5 services $340
  • 10 services $630 Burst-(5)
    All Inclusive Packages