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Peaceful conversations can be a reality when using positive parenting.  This first secret parenting tip of communication is vital to all relationships that we have with others. Making your own expectations known along with considering the opinions of your children allows them to feel empowered and respected. Regular and open communication that shows that you love your kids no matter what will give positive behaviors a big boost. Don’t be afraid to tell them with your words, I love them no matter what.”

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Boundaries and Structure

Boundaries and structure means that you children know what their limits and and what they can and cannot do. Ask yourself, “Do my children know what our household expectations are?” If they can tell you what they are allowed to do and not allowed to do in given situations, then you are well on your way using this skill well. The test comes in when you examine if you expect the same boundaries day in and day out.  This my friend, is one reason why our first parenting secrete of consistency is so important.

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