Do you know…


Teachers who regularly front-load their students with how to meet classroom expectations have more time to teach instead of managing behaviors?


Do you know…

Teachers who show a genuine interest in their student’s well-being have less behavior concerns in their classroom?


Do you know…

Approximately 15-20% of your students will benefit from additional behavior support that is above and beyond what you normally provide?


Do you know…

By simply using tools such as nonverbal communication, manipulatives, and choices can change a student’s behavior for the better?


All of these things and much more are described in the intervention manuals below. You have the power to create peace in your classroom and Behavior Corner is here to help!


Backed with more than 15 years of experience in education, you can be certain that these strategies work to turn behavior around when you believe in them and use them with consistency.


Interested in seeing a sample before purchase? Email and I will be happy to send one along.


*These products and more are also available through the teacherspayteachers website.*


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