How does counseling or coaching through Video Conferencing work?

Video conferences occur over Skype at an agreed upon time between the two of us. Once payment for a video conference package is received, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours. This email requests you to complete and submit a questionnaire relevant to you and to your reason for seeking online counseling or coaching. Having this information prior to our first session, will help to save precious time and money in reaching your goals. Once this form is completed and returned to me at, I will contact you to set up our first video conference. Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete each video conference. Given your needs, counseling/coaching conferences may be as long as 50 minutes. As the client, you have the say in when you would like to end our session if it is prior to the maximum time of 50 minutes. I, Barb Roba, LMHC, Ed.M, CAS, will need to end our time together at the 50 minute mark due to needing to keep to schedule for the sake of other clients. Future sessions may be scheduled at the end of our video conference or via email when you feel you are ready to meet again at

Failure to keep a video conference appointment without at least 24 hours notice will result in full payment of said service. Cancellations and requests to reschedule should be sent to

*All email communication is recommended to go through Hushmail. Hushmail is a free Email service that ensures confidentiality of all information transferred between parties electronically.


Video Conference Packages

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