Love is the MOST important part of raising kids. Showing our kids how much we love them has endless positive results. Our kids are much more likely to thrive at home and in school, show respect, and are eager to learn from us when raised with unconditional love.

Show them how much you love them by trying these 7 simple ideas:

1. Thoughts Journal

Buy a special notebook that your child picks out or have them decorate one.  Every day, talk with them about their favorite time(s) of the day and write them down. Have a notebook dated for a six month period or a for a year. That way they can look their journals over as they get older and will remember all of the happy times in their lives. The best way to make sure this happens on a regular basis, is to make it part of your nightly routine. Take 5 minutes to talk with your kids about their day and record what they identify as the best parts.

2. Always Give Hugs 

Physical touch is a sign of love. Hug your kids when you see them for the first time in the morning and hug them again when it is bedtime. These are critical times for hugs. Other times that hugs are super important are when your child makes a mistake. Process their choices and always hug them.

3. Leave Notes in Surprise Places

The note doesn’t just have to be written in words, it can be pictures too. This is fabulous for kids of all ages, especially those who can’t read yet. Kids get excited to find notes from you in their lunch box, on their pillow at night, and even in their coat sleeve. This unexpected “thinking of you” note always puts a smile on their faces.

4. Give Choices

When expecting your child to complete a task or follow-through on a request, give them choices. Choices such as the order in which tasks will be completed, making a game out of who will complete their chosen task first, or even letting them choose a reward after the task is complete are great options. Choices greatly reduce power-struggles between parent and child.

5. Direct Focus

Get off your phone, stop watching TV, and start looking at your child! Listen to them intently. Giving them your direct and complete focus tells them that they are important. Are they more important than the latest social media post? Yes, of course! So show them that! Just 10 minutes a day makes a difference.

6. Secret Signal

Make up a silly signal that sends a message. It could be sign language, a raise of your eyebrows, pointing to your heart or a tug of your ear. Decide what message your signal will send. Will it be “I love you”, “Doing great”, or something else that makes them smile? Whenever one person gives the signal the other needs to respond. Its a special way of communicating without using words. Kids have fun with this and it makes them feel special.

7. Tell Them

Tell them you love them in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, and at every opportunity in between. Write it in on a lunch box note, say it in the car, say it while watching TV. Any time is the right time to tell your kids that you love them! Make it even better by saying, “I love you no matter what”.

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