Child Development of the 10-11 Year Old


♥ Worries a lot about what others think – may not ask for help during class for fear of embarrassmentimage
♥ Testing the rules and boundaries is common
♥ Appreciates when adults provide correction in private
♥ Looks to parents as their primary role model and will do what they see their parents doing
♥ Very concerned with the current fads and what is in style
♥ Desire to be part of the popular group and liked by their peers
♥ A crush may be experienced for the first time
♥ Takes pride in doing things well and aims to please those who they see as important in their life
♥ Possesses an extreme sense of justice. Tends to focus more on what is wrong than what is right. Tip- teach them that injustice is limited to one’s own interpretation
♥ Real world fears such as war, crime, kidnapping can cause anxiety
♥ Enjoys privacy
♥ Realizes that the needs of others may need to come before their own wishes
♥ Should be encouraged to participate in group activities to benefit others. They will be vested in this idea and will find gratification in helping others at this age.
♥ A heightened focus on healthy eating and exercising may be more pronounced based on their awareness of body image and puberty beginning.


♥ Can analyze a written story and select which genre it belongs to
♥ Can write several paragraphs and edit for all types of errors
♥ May have many interests, some of which may only be focused upon for a short time
♥ Can argue logically
♥ Can accurately predict consequences
♥ Forms own opinion based on presented evidence
♥ Can follow a five step direction
♥ Delayed gratification is understood

Motor Skills

♥ Depth perception and visual anticipation improves
♥ Continued strength-based refinement is seen in order to excel at a particular athletic activity
♥ Parental support is helpful to explore other athletic options if success is not found with the initial choice

Wondering how to use positive discipline and consequences with the 10-11 year old? Visit our age-based discipline page for guidelines and things to consider.

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