Child Development of the 2-3 year old


♥  Sharing is difficult
♥  Develops a social interest in friendships
♥  Demanding independence increases greatly – testing boundaries is common  photo of J 3
♥  Enjoys helping others with chores
♥  Ability to fully understand, remember, and follow rules is inconsistent
♥  Impulsive thoughts and actions are frequently seen.
For example, a lack of self-control, lack of insight into consequences associated with behaviors, and a hard time keeping their hands to themselves.
♥  Initiates play on their own
♥  Uses aggressive behavior to show anger
♥  Participates in group play
♥  Regularly gives hugs and kisses to express affection and appreciation
♥  Frequently will do silly things while playing including doing things wrong on purpose
♥  Temper tantrums are to be expected


♥  Understands approximately 50% of spoken native language
♥  Uses pretend play
♥  Has the ability to respond to adult verbal requests
♥  Can match pictures to objects
♥  Imitates what they see adults doing
♥  Begins to form sentences of  approximately three words
♥  Understanding cause and effect starts to improve with simple life events such as “I am thirsty, I want a drink.”
♥  Learns by doing
♥  Is able to made a decision when presented with choices
♥  Accurately reads body language to determine the feelings and emotions of others
♥  Asks for what they want
♥ Identifies personal gender

Motor Skills

♥  Throws balls over head
♥  Alternates feet when climbing stairs
♥  Runs
♥  Stacks blocks more than 6 high
♥  Begins to copy simple shapes (i.e. circle)

Wondering how to use positive discipline and consequences with the 2-3 year old? Visit our age-based discipline page for guidelines and things to consider.

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