Child Development of the 6-7 Year Old



♥ Beginning to become a better sport and able to handle loosing more frequently
♥ Follows directions well
♥ Strives to be perfect
♥ May worry and have anxious thoughts or low confidence
♥ Thrives on consistent structure given at home and school
♥ Although routine and consistent expectation creates security, your child may be becoming more flexible and better able to handle transitions and last minute changes.
♥ Becomes attached to adults other than their parents (coaches, teachers, neighbors)

♥ Peer pressure begins – children may be unsure of themselves and want to please their friends and fit in with the crowd
♥ Enjoys being with their friends and may choose one or two best friends
♥ May begin to enjoy some alone time
♥ Empathy develops further
♥ Ability to solve conflicts with others is improving
♥ Bonds are created in greater depth with peers and adults as common interests are shared
♥ May show independence during tasks, but then ask for adult assistance such as when doing homework or chores
♥ Insecurities and low self-confidence can occur when their work product does not turn out the way they wanted or when they loose a game


♥ Demonstrates a increased attention span and a desire to complete lengthy projects
♥ Begins to use abstract thinking
♥ Negotiates needs and wants
♥ Is able to make important decisions such as staying after school, when to do homework, or join a club
♥ Identifies letters, letter sounds, sight words, and can write words and sentences with guidance
♥ Begins to read chapter books and can identify characters, plot, and make predictions
♥ Can write stories and essays in competent ways
♥ Knows the days of the week, months, and seasons
♥ Uses logical thought in making decisions and solving problems
♥ Uses complex language
♥ Continually seeks knowledge and asks many questions about the world
♥ Enjoys sharing their knowledge with others, especially younger children
♥ Can tell time
♥ Simple addition and subtraction is mastered and they can begin to solve simple word problems
♥ Place value is mastered and they begin to understand the concept of fractions

Motor Skills

♥ Fine motor coordination is in tact
♥ Has good balance and can perform tricks such as a simple cartwheel or handstand with support
♥ Established hand-eye coordination
♥ Can use the rhythm and beat of music in coordinating movements
♥ Able to ride a bike without training wheels
♥ Most children this age can successfully demonstrate their athletic abilities in organized sports

Wondering how to use positive discipline and consequences with the 6-7 year old? Visit our age-based discipline page for guidelines and things to consider.

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