Child Development of the 8-9 Year Old

8-9 copyBehavior

♥ Prefers organization and planning such as planning a party or a social play date. They may want to keep track of their own schedule of activities.
♥ Impatient – they have a hard time waiting for anticipated events and they like immediate rewards
♥ Thrives on predictable routines, schedule, and one-on-one time with parents
♥ Desires to be with peers
♥ Friendships are extremely important as is what their peers think about them
♥ Enjoys sleep-overs and belonging to clubs
♥ Recognizes and uses appropriate social behavior
♥ It is common to switch friendships day to day from who is and who isn’t a friend
♥ Has private thoughts about curiosity and interest in the opposite sex
♥ Can show empathy as they consider others’ circumstances and feelings
♥ Can use positive coping skills to manage strong feelings such as anger
♥ Although independence is seen in many areas, they need and crave parental guidance and security and are greatly influenced by how they see
their parents handling situations
♥ Has a strong need for understand and love especially from their primary caregiver
♥ May have role models outside the home
♥ Childhood fears are replaced by daily stress induced anxiety such as getting good grades
♥ Stress can result from increasing school demands and a busy extracurricular schedule
♥ Fears can develop from real-world dangers such as knowing about crime and war (exposure should be limited)
♥ Begins an interest in current events such as the weather, poverty, and natural disasters. They may express desire to help to make things better.
♥ Interest in having money begins


♥ Attention span allows for them to concentrate on something for an hour our more at one time
♥ Speech and language patterns are similar to that of adults
♥ Inquires about the world controversies along with how things work
♥ Develops passions for their interests and will research and explore additional information on these topics. These interests will be pursued with great motivation.
♥ Has the desire to work on things until mastery is obtained
♥ Can work well on group projects
♥ Can research, organize, and produce projects in school
♥ Can read, write, and understand many types of genres including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, biographies, etc.
♥ Enjoys reading books often and will frequently read for the purpose of learning something new
♥ Can learn and understand more difficulty mathematical concepts such as double digit multiplication, division, multiplying fractions, geometry,
algebra, graphs, and work problems
♥ Can understand mathematical reversibility (2+3=5 and 5-2=3)
♥ Understands the concept of delayed gratification
♥ Interested in being part of the family decision making process
♥ Feels proud when they can form their own opinion and share their knowledge independent from their parents

Motor Skills

♥ Able to take care of own hygiene needs with reminders
♥ Enjoys using fine motor skills to draw, make beaded jewelry, and trace and color
♥ Coordination is intact and allows them to excel at athletic activities
♥ Very interested in joining athletic teams and clubs
♥ Skills are intact and strengthening specific motor skills can be concentrated on such as perfecting a skill in a favorite sport or increasing running
speed for example
♥ Stamina increases – can sustain physical effort for longer
♥ Enjoys high activity level games such as tag and bike riding
♥ Enjoys exercise and healthy living if examples for this are supplied at home

Wondering how to use positive discipline and consequences with the 8-9 year old? Visit our age-based discipline page for guidelines and things to consider.

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