Intervention Plan Ideas For Your Home

Every child and parent can benefit from having a home-based intervention plan in place. The best way to approach this behavior planning in your home is to identify 1 or 2 behavioral areas that need improvement. Involve your child in this by starting the conversation about all the wonderful things they do and how much you love them….no matter what!  Move on to state that everyone needs to work on change in their lives, even name something that you are currently working on.

Once you and your child pick no more than 2 areas to work on, create a tracking tool to monitor their success. Make it fun and interesting. The more input your child has into creating the plan, the more likely they are to succeed. This is because they feel empowered in making their plan and therefore vested in making it work.

Positive reinforcement from you needs to be a major part of the plan and should be given daily. The more your child feels success, the greater self-esteem they will feel and the greater interest they will have in continuing to do their best in order to receive your positive attention. It’s a win-win for everyone!

imageFor some children, they seek out attention at every opportunity and may even settle for negative attention in the way of punishment and yelling. Don’t fall into this trap of giving negative attention. You don’t enjoy it, and honestly, neither does your kid! When you have a positive attitude, your family is more likely to have one as well. Positivity is contagious, let it start with you!

Positive discipline is at the core of positive behavior planning. This approach conveys unconditional love for your child along with empowering them to make their own choices and to take responsibility for their own actions. Responsibility and positive decision making are great skills that will be needed as your child grows into an independent adult.

Depending on the age and needs of your child, behavior planning can take on many different forms.

  • Short-term achievement plans provide your child with frequent opportunities for success. An example of this is earning a star on a chart for every time they listen. A certain number of stars can equal a reward. Short Term Chart Example
  • Long-term achievement plans are best for older kids who have the maturity to work toward a reward or privilege after many days have passed. For example, your child may have a goal of completing their chores everyday of the week without being asked. At the end of the week, reflection of their progress can be reviewed and positive reinforcement given at that time. Long Term Chart Example
  • Combined short-term and long-term plans are the best approach to provide consistent encouragement to your child. Positive reinforcement runs rampant here! Combined Chart Example
  • Visual behavior plans are best used with the very young and those who are not able to read and/or comprehend what was read. Providing a picture only tool allows your child to feel more confident in knowing what they need to do and to also independently reflect on how things are going. Visual Plan Example
  • A chore directed chart can easily be created by hand or on a computer. Just be sure to use it each time and tell your child that you are recording their time. Having a prearranged incentive attached to beating the timer will help your child succeed. Chore Behavior Plan
  • The All encompassing behavior plan takes behavior to the next level by identifying behavior expectations, chores, and some “freebies” to build success. All Encompassing  Behavior Plan

It is up to you as the parent to teach your kids the right way to act and how to make the best decisions possible. Without your guidance, they are left to find their own way in this world from places like their friends, media, and other life exposures. Don’t let anyone or anything else raise your kids. The way in which your child grows and develops rests in your hands.

For the sake of your precious children, I encourage you to make positive choices.
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