Bonding equals success

Bonding With Your Students is a Must!

Year after year, some teachers have very little to no behavior problems within their classroom.  IMG_0545.JPGTheir classes are full with respectful, diligent workers who follow procedures. What’s up with that? Kids, by nature test boundaries and act out. It seems strange that very  little behavioral concern originates from these select classrooms.

Are these teachers favored at class placement time?  Nope – in fact I generally see quite the opposite happen. Teachers who have found the magic to classroom management are generally slated for dome of the toughest students in the building. Why? Because administration knows that they can handle and maybe even transform student behavior for the better.

Although I commonly tell teachers who run these highly successful classrooms, that they have a magic wand or pixie dust; here is no such thing (believe me I’ve looked). It comes down to the students wanting to please their their teacher due to high expectations and out of respect.

To simplify this, here are the key traits that cause this magical transformation in student behavior:

  • Show affection appropriate to school in the ways of hugs, pats on the back, high fives, hand shakes, or any other way that you can think of. Always remember to ask a child before touching them and respect those student who prefer to not be touched.
  • Talk with them about their day, interests, family, friends, grades, positive behavior, and so on. Taking a genuine interest in each student’s life is huge in forming a positive teacher – student relationship.
  • Brag to other staff members about your students. Careful here – I’m not saying to brag about what you have done for your students; I’m saying to brag about what they have done. Maybe one your students hit a home run in their baseball game over the weekend. Perhaps a student earned a 100% on their last math test. Or maybe you have a student going on a trip. Whatever the case, students will see that you care and feel pride in what they are doing and have accomplished.
  • Positive praise needs to be given to students on a daily basis. Regular verbal praise and non-verbal communication  that acknowledges your students’ achievements is what we are looking for here.
  • Consistency in implementing classroom expectations squashes a lot of the limit testing that we see from students. A few occurrences of you following through on consequences will be enough for the vast majority of students to stay within established boundaries.
  • Gain their opinion and be willing to compromise when ever possible. This includes when you create classroom rules, have a few spare moments for free time, and choices that they have when finished with work early.

These magical keys result in bonding with students. This bonding relationship encourages students to follow though on school expectations, work completion, and showing consistent respect to their teacher. That my fellow colleague, is a beautiful thing!

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