Even a Child Knows…

The most incredible and insightful thought came from my 6 year old tonight. One of the best places to have off-the-cuff conversations with your kids is during bedtime. This time is beat only by car rides. There is something magical about car rides. Kids tend to blurt out their thoughts and that is when the real conversations happen.

Talk about bonding! Yes. Car rides and bedtimes are where its at!

So… as our bedtime routine was taking its normal course of reading and playing a game; my 6 year old asked about death. His thoughts were causing him to think about his immediate family and our pets. I seemed to answer all of his questions to his satisfaction and a short time later he started talking again.

Child: “God gave me to you so I will be safe”
Me: “Yes He did and I will protect you and love you forever”
Child: “But God doesn’t give bad people, like robbers, kids”
Me: “God gives all types of people kids”

After hearing this, my son paused for a few seconds.

Child: “Why would God give babies to robbers. They will grow up thinking its ok to rob people”


Right from the mouth of a young child…kids learn from their parents.

* We show them how to interact with others.
* We show them what is ok to watch on TV
* We show them how to handle emotions
* We show them how to show respect
* We show them how to be responsible
* We show them how to live in every aspect of their lives!!

I can’t even begin to count the amount of times that my kids have responded to my verbal correction with, “But dad/you did it”.

Huh. That makes me stop dead in my tracks and remember that it doesn’t matter what I say. It matters how I live my life. My kids are always watching, even when I think they aren’t.

Your kids are watching you too! Stop and take minute to realize the awesome responsibility you have in raising your kids. It is the absolute most important thing you will do in your life! My 6 year old figured that out all on his own, how about you?

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