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The Counselor’s Corner is your portal to Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching.

What information will I find at the Counselor’s Corner?

What information will I find at the Counselor’s Corner?

Why do people seek out a counselor or life coach?

Although there are several reasons, the main reason can be summarized through recognizing that life presents us with certain challenges, some we bring on ourselves and some come without notice or reason. For every person, we are dealt different hands of life events.We have choices on how we will take on these challenges, how we will solve them, if we will walk away, and if we will ask for help.
I believe the majority of people could benefit from counseling from time to time. Having a neutral person working with you and your family expands one’s ability to see things in a different way and to work together in a problem-solving format. All of this is directed by you, the client. After all, it is your life, your challenges, your dreams, and your desires that will determine your life’s outcome.
As a Mental Health Counselor licensed in New York State and a Life Coach, I can offer you and your family online services to empower positive direction through life’s many challenges. I invite you to take advantage of the services listed below to find that appropriate level of support needed to gain peace in your life, empowerment in your days, and hope for the future. I look forward to meeting you and will be here when you are ready.



The Only Parenting Book that You Don’t Have to Read Cover-To-Cover!This is your perfect “Quick Reference Guide” to most of the Positive Parenting Techniques I have developed over the past twenty years. Each chapters addresses a specific childhood behavior – and effective, easy-to-use methods on how to properly respond. Over 477 pages of effective techniques you can use every day. This stuff really works!Paperback Edition: $19.95


Emotional regulation is not something we are born with – it is learned.!What is Emotional Regulation? It is how we handle stress and emotions in a way that keeps us thinking logically and feeling calm. This is a must have life skill for parents to teach their kids! You are about to discover how to improve your emotional regulation skills and the best ways to teach your children to find calmness in the midst of life’s ups & downs!Kindle Edition: $8.97     Paperback Edition: $12.97

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