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Defiance Tools

As promised, below you will find each of the tools that were presented to you in the Solutions for Defiance Kids Webinar. These links will allow you to pick and choose which tools you need to foster positive behavior choices in your children. To make this journey even easier, I have made each tool a word document that can be easily catered to meet your family’s individual needs.


**Remember, that I specialize in childhood behaviors and individualized behavior plans. Please reach out to me with any concerns, questions, or needs that you may have.



Click on any or all of the links below to receive each tool to help

combat your children’s defiant behavior!

Rules Chart

Combined Plan Example

Blank Combined Plan

Visual Task Plan Example

Blank Visual Task Plan 

Possible Incentive Ideas

Behavior Plan: expectations paired with rewards

Identifying Personal Triggers

Problem Solving Steps

Coping Activities

Positive Thoughts = Positive Actions


Ways to Earn Points 


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