You deserve to have LESS stress and MORE fun.

That is exactly was the Crawley family got! Stress was at an all time high in their home. The battles between the parents and kids were on going as were arguments between siblings and the parents themselves. Something had to be done. Starting with communication and boundaries & structure the Crawley family began their journey to find peace. True story!!

Parenting takes work. Changing our parenting style takes even more work.
However, we are ever-evolving beings that demand change; so let’s embrace it.

Communication –
• Do you have to repeat yourself to sometimes to the point of yelling to get your kids to listen?
• Do your kids feel as though they can talk to you about anything?
• Do you engage your children in daily conversations about the little stuff and big stuff?

Boundaries and Structure –
• Do the rules in your home apply to every one?
• Do your kids know about positive, negative, and natural consequences?
• Are the major adults in your children’s life consistent in their behavior expectations?

Start with these to transform your life and leave your comments below!

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