Kids who don’t listen.

 Blaming yourself for your kids behaviors.…

Kids who don’t listen.

Blaming yourself for your kids behaviors.

Reasons why your children’s misbehaviors are on the rise.

Being able to use self-love to let go and then logically deal with powerful feelings.

All of these crazy important topics are at our core as parents.

You strive for peace in your life.

You strive to do the best for your kids.

This month has been dedicated to all of these topics so that you can become even more empowered in your parenting choices.


And you know what?? It’s going to get even better!

Next week on our normally scheduled live (Thursday, August 29 @ 7pm EDT) you will learn about B.E.S.T.

B.E.S.T stands for:


These characteristics are key elements to raising kids and we are going to have an action-plan event next week to flush this out even more.

Since this is going to be soooo amazing, I’m offering a limited number of spots to chat with me before next week to get the scoop on B.E.S.T.

Comment with the word:


and I will message you and share bonus goodies that only a limited number of people will get. So comment now


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