imageDid someone say, “Me time”?

Some days parents don’t even know what that phrase means! “Me time” – What’s that? We can all get a chuckle out if it, but let’s get real. Life is busy and when you have children they come first. Everyone needs time to themselves but it definitely isn’t the priority. And you know what? That’s okay to accept from time to time. You’re an adult and can make sacrifices for your family! However, don’t let the months go by with pure sacrifice…find some me time by relying on your support system to help with the kids and day-to-day tasks.

Parenthood is one of life’s most rewarding and beautiful experiences. The entire journey starting from the pregnancy to seeing him/her growing up and learning or exploring new things is fascinating.

However, this beautiful journey is guaranteed to bring challenges and frustrations. Stand strong my friend and know that you have the power to overcome these challenges in the most positive of ways possible. Sanity can be found and maintained through a regular schedule of me time and consistent use of positive parenting tips.

No matter how intense parenting stress is getting, your best bet is to take a few deep breaths and reflect on what you can do to improve the current situation. After all. It is your actions and thoughts that you have control over. Reflect on your options, accept the current situation and make alternate choices to improve what is happening. Stop thinking about the problem and start thinking about the solutions!

There is no denying that as a parent you have a difficult job. Everyone needs you and they let you know that every single day by calling your name umpteen billion times! Be there for them and be the parent they deserve by taking care of yourself. Keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your family and to yourself!

Let get started:image

1) Pamper yourself: Get a nice relaxing body spa, a massage, and/or get a new haircut.

2) One hour a night: Set aside one hour per night to do something that is just for you. Exercise, paint, read a book, watch TV, shop online, etc. Carrying out any such activity, even for a small time period gives you pleasure and allows your brain to recharge.

3) Take a day off: Yes, one whole day!  Oh boy, what will you do with the time?  I’ll say it again, leave the kids with your partner or a family member for one whole day. Go to a coffee house, a bookstore, the movies, or wherever you want. The choices are truly endless.

4) Meditation: This is one thing that many of us rely on to help to keep our sanity in check. Whether you truly take up mediation, yoga, or another deeply relaxing routine you can be assured that your mind and body will thank you. Hello sanity!


5) Quality sleep: Once in a while ask your partner or a family member to take charge of the kids for the night and into the early morning hours so you can sleep for a L-O-N-G time. Many parents out there, especially those with young kids, are sleep deprived. How many of you out there haven’t had a full night’s rest or haven’t been able to sleep for as long as you would like? I know it’s a lot of you! A deep sleep can energize you and help you to feel like super-parent again.

6) A hot bath: Relax your body with a long bubble bath. Even guys can take advantage of this one. What’s not to like about a bath surrounded by peace and quiet?

Try these tips to ease your parenting stress so that you can thoroughly enjoy the fun and beautiful moments with your children. Before you know it, your kids will be grown. Take care of yourself and know that memories from a happy childhood will serve both of you well.

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