Parenting Solutions at Your Fingertips!

Boost Your Kid’s Positive Behavior Choices with a Personalized Coping Plan !

Your kids will succeed in managing strong emotions when a personalized approach is used to meet their needs. Discover how to become empowered in your parenting choices by using the 5 elements of building a coping toolbox so that you can enjoy more peace in your home and a stronger relationship with your kids.
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Get My Kids To Listen!

Children who do not listen is one of the most common parenting concerns out there. I’m proof of this struggle!You feel frustrated, angry, and overwhelmed. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if your kids did as they were told? No worries! Solutions are within reach! These are time-tested tools that REALLY WORK for all parents – no matter the age of your children.
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DEFY your children’s DEFIANCE while respecting their independence

Yup, we’ve all seen it – kids who are defiant and ignore their parents, say, “No”, or just flat out argue when told to do something. The driving force behind defiance is all about our kids being able to have some kind of control. Good News Alert: there are ways to find the balance between healthy independence and straight up defiance! Read More..

The only parenting book that you don’t have to read cover-to-cover!

This is your perfect “Quick Reference Guide” to most of the Positive Parenting Techniques I have developed over the past twenty years. Each chapters addresses a specific childhood behavior – and effective, easy-to-use methods on how to properly respond. Over 350 pages of effective techniques you can use every day. This stuff really works!
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Personalized. Flexible. Effective.

Support and encouragement that fits your style and schedule is yours for the taking! On your terms and on your times, your needs can be met and your child’s behavior can improve. Work one-on-one with me though email or video chat  as we problem solve and create plans together.

Lets go!

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EMPOWER Your Kids to Make POSITIVE CHOICES with Discipline; Not Punishment

Are you using discipline to raise your children? Do you know that there is a difference between parents who use discipline and those that use punishment? You’ll see a positive change in your children’s behaviors when a discipline approach is used consistently. Hundreds have already discovered the magic of this approach. Read More..

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