Pay Now or Pay Later

When Will You Pay?

Pay now or pay later – Its your choice! Life is full of choices and If you choose to follow my advice, you will “pay now” as you parent your children. And despite how it sounds, be happy if your “paying” happens sooner than later! Make no mistake there will be “paying” involved, just be happy you have some control over it.

Let me explain:

We all know that parenting is hard. When you use positive discipline and raise your kids the right way, it will be work – no doubt! That work is what I call the “pay now” phase.


You use consistency. You use consequences. You provide unconditional love. You provide routines. You provide positive discipline. You provide fill in the blank. It’s work but SO worth it!! Consistency in your parenting is a huge factor in determining how things work out.

Now lets say you don’t do all of those things listed above. What do you think you will be faced with? Hmm…did any of you guess “pay later”? If so, you are right! Your child’s behavior will get worse with each passing year. That is because you have not given them a consistent foundation on which to stay within boundaries. You have not used positive discipline during times of testing and mistakes. This causes all sorts of trouble for caregivers, schools, and sometimes even law enforcement.

Wherever you are in your parenting journey, take the time to reflect on how things are going and what needs to change. If change is needed, start by using some of the ideas presented here. Then create a personal plan to fit your family today at the Counselor’s Corner.

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