Communicating With Our Kids

Communication is the foundation to all great relationships! The crazy thing is that communication happens mostly without saying anything at all. Being able to communicate, “I love you no matter what” is a strong parenting move that will create strong bonds.


How much sleep do your kids need? How about if naps are figured into that total? When should I start phasing naps out? All of this and more is waiting inside of today’s podcast!

A flood of emotions

When life gets tough and things go wrong, our kids can spiral in chaos and meltdown mode. Yup, I’ve been there! The tears, the whining, the yelling, the hitting… Today we are talking about what we can do during these crazy times and what may help our kids in the future.

Four steps to combat negative behavior

Positive behavior takes work. No worries, we got this! In the 4 steps discussed in this podcast, you’ll learn ideas that you can put into place immediately!

Tell us about behavior concerns that you want to improve with your kids!

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