Positive Self-Talk

Its more than saying good things.
Its more than feeling good about yourself.
Its more than a few good thoughts.

Positive self-talk is about a lifestyle. A way of living that gives you a positive mindset. When we use positive self-talk regularly, it even has the potential to change the way our brain responds to stress. It makes us emotionally healthy.

With all of these perks, we should all be embracing positive self-talk. So why aren’t we?

For many, its easier to look at the glass as half empty. Let’s admit it. We like to complain. A lot of us do. It gives us something to talk about. Something to gossip about. When we look at this even closer, we see people to thrive on drama in their lives. It almost seems to give them purpose.

The problem with living life with the glass half-empty mentality and/or in daily drama is that it takes a toll on our mental, physical, and emotional health. We need to reign this in and take control back not only for ourselves; but especially for our kids!!!

Kids who grow up in family environments were their parental role models are negative and live are filled with drama grow up know only that. Negativity and drama. For them, they haven’t seen the other side of life. Where positivity takes a front seat and peace fills most days.

The fabulous news is that we can choose peace. We can choose positivity. We can make changes today and choices that show our children how to live a life resilient to stress and drama. So lets do it!

Start by thinking of 2 positive statements that you feel comfortable with. Common ones to start with are, “I can do this” and “I will be ok”. These are powerful statements to write down so that you can reflect on them often. Keep them with you at all times for when stress tries creeping in. Stay these to yourself several times while taking deep breaths. Your body will respond by relaxing and your brain will be able to think much more clearly.

Next, decide which stressful situations tend to come up regularly in your life. What positive statements would be helpful to target that specific stressor? Add those thoughts to your original two statements.

As you are working through this, allow your kids to see you try. Even let them see you fail because that is part of learning. It is part of life. It is part of learning how to be resilient because you pick right back up and start again.

Positive self-talk is a proven stress reducing tool that adults and kids can use to help them make positive choices and to feel more peace in their lives.

I encourage you to get started in your own life and to teach this life skill to your kids as well. Positive self-talk allows us to regulate our emotions and is a powerful tool to have in our toolboxes for life!

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