Self-LESS Parenting

The Truth About Being a Parent

No one really knows what they’re getting into when they have a baby. A lot of people think they know – and then they actually have a child. Being a responsible, loving parent is hard work. Being a responsible, loving parent is a lot of fun. Being a responsible, loving parent means that life is no longer all about you.

Many people complain about how tired and busy they are before they have children. Once you have a baby, you learn the true meaning of tired and busy. Babies, especially new babies, get hungry when they get hungry. They don’t care if you have an important meeting at 7:00 am when they wake you at 3:00 am for a meal. And, you soon learn that you can function on very little sleep and that you can manage to do what’s right for your child and still find time for the rest of the things in your life.

Having kids means you might have to turn down nights out with friends or not frequent your favorite romantic bistro as  often. Your dream vacation might be lounging by a pool with an umbrella drink and a stack of books. With a child, vacations rarely involve this scenario. As your child gets older, you might find yourself giving up vacation entirely and spending your vacation savings for braces. You may find yourself thinking about giving up your sporty coupe and actually buying a (gasp) minivan And, the most amazing thing is you’ll find you don’t mind giving any of these things up.

Being a parent involves being selfless not because you are a supremely virtuous person but, simply because you love your child more than anything you might give up for him. When your child is grown and on his own, you’ll look back and wonder how you ever thought some of those things were important.

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