imageHow many of you cringed when you read that headline? It’s no secret that shopping with children is a challenge! Maybe on a good day you’ll be lucky enough to have a listening child for the majority of your trip. Perhaps you’ll even leave the grocery store without feeling frazzled and defeated as you face the rest of your day. Or perhaps not.

Whichever scenario plays out with your family during the unavoidable errands that all families have to run; know that as parents we all get it!

imageOnce I had to hold my youngest child down until he stopped having a tantrum and stopped trying to run away.
Embarrassing? Yes! Totally!
Did he try to pull that garbage again? Nope!

Good parents hold their children lovingly accountable for their actions. We are consistent with our expectations and consequences. No matter if we are home or out in public, positive disciple is key.

Telling our children what the rules and expectations are prior to leaving the house is a great place to start! Give it a try and consistently enforce these expectations by giving no more than 2 reminders before using consequences. Hint: make sure your child knows what positive AND negative consequences may be earned based on their actions.

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